Name: Snowspeck


                                       Rank: Warrior

Appearance:True to her name, Snowspeck is a white cat with black and brown flecks all over her pelt. She has thin fur, and a long tail. She also has forest green eyes, and a torn ear.

Personality:Snowspeck is very self-conscious about how she looks, and always feels like everyone is secretly judging her. She has a hard time opening up to others, and tends to snap at those who try to pry into her private life. However, if you are close to her, (which is a difficult acheivement) she is very loyal, and will do everything she can to protect you. It is very hard to gain her trust, and if you lose it, you lose it for life.

Family: None

History:When Snowspeck was born, she was abandoned, because she was the runt of the litter. The Clan took her in, and one of the queens fostered her. However, her adopted siblings always bullied her for her heritage, and she never had many friends. The bullying extended into her apprenticeship, and it only stopped when Snowspeck became a warrior. To this day, she has very few cats in her life that she trusts.

Extras: None

Roleplayed by: Brighty

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