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These are our rules for the wiki ~


1) Do NOT use chat to make others feel bad.

2) Do NOT spam chat. It's very annoying and I think others get the point the first time.


There is a 12 image/video-per-month limit. If you go past this, the following will happen with the image/video being deleted. (Admins are allowed pat the limit)

1-2 Warning

3-4 Hour ban

5-6 Day ban

6-8 Week ban

9-10 Month ban (Should've listened to the first warning, huh?)

Personal Information

1) DO NOT GIVE AWAY YOUR PHONE AND ADDRESS. It will serve as a helpful way for others to get to know you, stalk you, and do some very harmful things

2) DO NOT make fun of people because of their religion, likes, dislikes, etc, unless they're your friend and know you're just teasing. The people getting teased may see this as a personal insult, but DO NOT, absolutely DO NOT make fun of their religion or beliefs. This will become a week-long ban. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3) DO NOT threaten anyone. Depending on how long it goes, there will be different punishments:

1-3 threats: Severe warning

4-6 threats: Day ban

7-9 threats: Week ban

10 and over: Month long (at least) ban.

The bans may be up to a year or permanent, depending on how many threats and the severity of them.


1) You can post 5 blogs a month.

Here are the punishments;

1-3 blogs over: Warning/deleted blogs

4-6 over: Day ban/blogs deleted

7-10: Week ban

10-Over: Month ban or longer/deleted blogs.

2) The blogs CANNOT be made to threaten people or to make them leave.

3) you CAN change your blog's topic if it's really important, but ask us first. We will look over your reason and make sure it's important enough.

Examples are~

Advertising, IT CAN WAIT. If it's two-month vacation, it can't wait. SOPA, can't wait, etc. You get the point.


1) Please put actual conversations with the user in parentheses and separate them from the roleplaying. It makes it easier to understand what's going on and to read direct questions.

3) DO NOT spam the roleplaying (meaning post the same comment over and over again.) This goes for blog commenting, etc. ONLY allowed if the first one didn't show up for you and you change the others to questions for the user or another roleplay.

4) Do not swear!!! It cant be stressed enough! NUUU! NOT THE FOOD!!

6) This is not really a must-must rule, but it does get pretty annoying if you have a cat that's Mary-Sueish. In case you don't know what that is, it means a character or an OC that's perfect and great at everything in EVERY.SINGLE.WAY. 

7) Do not kill cats unless the roleplayer wants them to die, you must ask permission before you kill a person's cat.


1) Signatures CANNOT be threats directed at someone. If we see this, depending on the severity of the threat, you will have at least a day ban. NO EXPECTATIONS.

2) You may have your siggy a as long as you like, but please don't make them obnoxiously large and/or bright. AHH MY EYES!!! NOONE wants to say that!!


If you aren't going to be around anymore, but think you might return and would like to keep your cats, let us know. If you're away for a month (31 days) without telling us you want to keep your cats, you're going on vacation, etc. we will assume you have left and delete your cats.

We are deeply sorry if you think these are unfair, but please follow those, and we assure you this wiki will be a great place. It's our warrior code! Thanks for reading these and please try to follow them best you can! :)

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