Name: Phoenix

Rank: Loner

Appearance: Phoenix is a fiery-ginger she-cat with pale white paws. She is sleek-furred and slender, and her paws are small and her legs are long. She has pale amber eyes that gleam a pale orange in the sunlight. She has a long, slightly darker tail with a slashed off tip. A very thin and shallow scar runs over the right side of her face, just barely parting the fur, so it is't very noticable.

Personality: Phoenix has a very colorful personality. She is very independent, refusing help from any cat, even if she needs it. She refuses to admit her mistakes, despite her slightly clumsy tendencies. Phoenix can also be a bit snappish, often surprising others because she seems so calm. She can have mood swings from time to time, though these are a bit rare. Despite all of this, if you are a friend to her, she's very sweet and caring and she'll do anything for cats she trusts deeply. She doesn't form bonds with too many toms, though. She sees them as insensitive and too rough. But when she does form a bond with a tom, she may rely on them for advice, and will try to act at least a bit civilized around them. Phoenix has a fiery temper and can go off at any time, ranting about almost nothing.

Family: Unknown loners (parents)

History: Phoenix is pure forest-born loner. She ran away after feeling like her parents didn't care for her anymore. She was trained by an older, more experienced loner, and shortly after finishing the basic skills, her mentor was taken away by a Twoleg and didn't come back. She survived off of the skills she'd learned from the loner, and managed to grow into the optimistic young cat she is now.

Extras: None

Roleplayed by: Phoenix

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