Name: Miststream

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Miststream is a light-gray she-cat. She has long whiskers and a short muzzle. Miststream's fur is long and fluffy, and she has forest-green eyes.

Personality: Miststream is at first known to be the shy and quiet type, but when she gets to know the community and who she is dealing with she opens up and becomes one of the most talkative cats around. Miststream doesn't get offended easily, and always tries to reconcile with cats after having a fight with them. She accepts every cat to who they are, and doesn't look down on any cat younger or less experienced than her because she understands she was once them. Once anyone is Miststream's friend, she never leaves them alone and never ceases to talk and laugh with them.

Family: Fernstripe

History:Miststream was born and raised in DuskClan. All her life she has grown up around Clan cats and has wanted to be the best warriors she could since kithood. However, Miststream accepts there is another way to live, and considers herself an equal to cats born outside of the Clans, if not lower. She believes that cats outside of the Clans have seen more than she has and are more experienced with life and whatever comes between themselves and their goal. Furthermore, Miststream's mother, Fernstripe, was born outside of the Clans, and was taken in later.

Extras: None

Roleplayed by: Mist

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