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Hello there! I assume you would like to join the Clan. Just fill out this form and wait for any of the admins to approve.  I hope you have fun roleplaying on this wiki!

(Please put more description and personality [when you put that on your cat's page] to your cat's forms because that makes it easier to visualize the cats. Thank you!)

After it's approved, please contact Sea , and she will make your cat a page. She will tell you when your cat's page is ready for you to fill in.

The Rules~

1)You must have a detailed description for your cat. You can't have a Shimmerpaw with 'black cat with amber eyes.' And, you can't make the personality 'shy, cheerful,friendly,etc.' Otherwise, no admin will approve.

2) No crazy names, like 'Tornadopaw', or 'Magicpelt' (Stuff like Seabreeze is ok, though)

3) Everycat has flaws. No Mary-sues or Gary-sues allowed! Otherwise your cat won't be approved!


Rank:(ex. apprentice, warrior, elder)

Description:(Pelt, eyes, scars)

Personality:(how the cat acts)


Approval Status: (Leave blank)


Note: Since admins can approve themselves the don't need to put their forms here.


Name: Hollystar

Rank: Leader

Description: Pitch black she-cat with faint gray streaks on her tail and paws, and bright jade-green eyes.

Personality: Hollystar is very loyal to her Clan. Making sure every cat has a say in most decisions, she values the opinion of every cat, treating everyone - even rogues, loners, and kitypets - as her equal. Hollystar judges cats based on the present, not the past. Hollystar is shy when you first meet her, but once you get to know her, she becomes more open. Hollystar is very sensitive, and if someone close to her betrays her in some way, she'll hole her grudge against them for a long time. Hollystar is also very patient, but once it's gone, she can be very hotheaded and rude.

History: Hollystar was born outside the Clan. A tragic fire burned down her old home, killing her whole family, and leavng the gray streaks on her fur. Adopted into DuskClan, Hollystar tries to use her heritage to treat everyone the same. A very hard worker, Hollystar showed every cat that any cat can be worthy of leader, not just Clanborn cats.

Approval Status: This is no place for a Girl on Fire 13:21, September 1, 2015 (UTC)

RPer: Sea

Name: Snowspeck

Rank: Warrior

Description: True to her name, Snowspeck is a white cat with black and brown flecks all over her pelt. She has thin fur, and a long tail. She also has forest green eyes, and a torn ear.

Personality: Snowspeck is very self-conscious about how she looks, and always feels like everyone is secretly judging her. She has a hard time opening up to others, and tends to snap at those who try to pry into her private life. However, if you are close to her, (which is a difficult acheivement) she is very loyal, and will do everything she can to protect you. It is very hard to gain her trust, and if you lose it, you lose it for life.

History: When Snowspeck was born, she was abandoned, because she was the runt of the litter. The Clan took her in, and one of the queens fostered her. However, her adopted siblings always bullied her for her heritage, and she never had many friends. The bullying extended into her apprenticeship, and it only stopped when Snowspeck became a warrior. To this day, she has very few cats in her life that she trusts.

Approval Status: Approved! (Reminds me of Frosty and Kitkat's charcaters from Cold c")This is no place for a Girl on Fire 03:34, August 29, 2015 (UTC)

RPer: Bluestar&Brightheart

Name: Embernose

Rank: Warrior

Description: Embernose is a handsome, short-furred russet tom with rings of darker russet on his tail and legs. He has blazing amber eyes, and a bobbed tail. He has three scars on his muzzle.

Personality: He is a quiet, reserved young cat. His appearance draws more attention to him than he'd like, and he gets very easily flustered. He's very intelligent and polite, and wouldn't dare talk back to any cat. He's rather awkward around kits, thinking that he'll say something wrong and they'll get upset. He tends to panic whenever someone mentions fathers, due to being abused by his own father in the past. He is also nervous around other toms. He isn't the best conversationalist, and only speaks when spoken to. He respects every cat in the Clan, even the kits and apprentices.

History: Emberkit was born to a russet she-cat, Foxstep, and a white-and-brown tom, Spottedfur. Foxstep died during the birth, along with Emberkit's unnamed older sibling. Spottedfur didn't blame the kit for the death of his mate, but he was still enraged at the medicine cat for not saving Foxstep. Since he knew he couldn't hurt the medicine cat, Spottedfur ended up neglecting and abusing his only son, despite how much Emberkit reminded him of Foxstep. The other cats noticed the abuse, but none stood up to Spottedfur. Just before Emberkit's apprentice ceremony, Spottedfur furiously lashed out at his son, giving Emberkit the three scars on his face. Before he could deal any more damage, Spottedfur was restrained and exiled. The apprentice ceremony commenced afterward, earning Emberkit the name Emberpaw. He was still badly shaken up, and his training was delayed. He became a warrior a few weeks after the other cats his age. Embernose couldn't rid himself of his fear as he had hoped.

RPer: Phoenix Flight

Approval Status: Approved! This is no place for a Girl on Fire 04:05, August 29, 2015 (UTC)

Name: Miststream

Rank: Warrior

Description: Miststream is a light-gray she-cat. She has long whiskers and a short muzzle. Miststream's fur is long and fluffy, and she has forest-green eyes.

Personality: Miststream is at first known to be the dumb and stupif type, but when she gets to know the community and who she is dealing with she opens up and becomes one of the most talkative cats around. Miststream doesn't get offended easily, and always tries to reconcile with cats after having a fight with them. She accepts every cat to who they are, and doesn't look down on any cat younger or less experienced than her because she understands she was once them. Once anyone is Miststream's friend, she never leaves them alone and never ceases to talk and laugh with them.

History: Miststream was born and raised in DuskClan. All her life she has grown up around Clan cats and has wanted to be the best warriors she could since kithood. However, Miststream accepts there is another way to live, and considers herself an equal to cats born outside of the Clans, if not lower. She believes that cats outside of the Clans have seen more than she has and are more experienced with life and whatever comes between themselves and their goal. Furthermore, Miststream's mother, Fernstripe, was born outside of the Clans, and was taken in later.

Approval Status: This is no place for a Girl on Fire 12:59, September 1, 2015 (UTC)

RPer: Mist

Name: Ambershade

Rank: Warrior

Description: Ambershade is dark orange tabby she cat with long tabby stripes of dark orange throughout her pelt. Ambershade is a short haired hat with short tufts of white fur on each ear.She has a white front-left paw and a white tipped tail with flecks of white throughout. She has a large dot of white in the center of her forehead. She has a long scar down the side of her face and neck form a battle (to be explained in the history)

Personality: Ambershade usually keeps to herself and a few other warriors. She hates being the center of attention and is often known to disappear in a big crowd. Ambershade has a quick whit and often times if another cat tries to get close to her, she will push them away. She is frequently alone and that is how she likes it to be. Ambershade is very loyal to her leader and will do anything to protect her clan. She is very conceived and modest and rarely ever boasts except to her closest friends, which is not many. Ambershade does not start conversation or interact with many cats outside the clan. She relies on her firends to start conversations and she will only chime in when she deems it appropriate.

History: As a kit, Ambershade was very open and energetic. But when she was growing up and newly became an apprentice, a large group of rouges attacked her and her mentor and a large patrol. Ambershade was very close to her mother and took the loss very hard. Her parents were killed in the attack and so was her mentor. She had heard there was a clan cat leading the patrol and ever since then, found it hard to trust anybody. That is why she pushes cats away when they get to close to herself because she doesn't want to be hurt again. She also received that large scar thats runs down the side of her head and neck that never fully healed. Since then, Ambershade had promised her mother that she would become a great warrior like she was and make her proud. Ambershade still keeps that promise and you will still see her training outside of camp on her own.

Approval Status: This is no place for a Girl on Fire 12:59, September 1, 2015 (UTC)

RPer: Fallen

Name: Scarletclaw

Rank: Warrior

Description: Pinkish-orange tabby she-cat with scars on face

Personality: Dark and gloom, usually mean to other cats, but deep inside, she's nice and kind. She hisses at cats when they try to help her, and when cats ask her things about when he was a rogue, she snarls, "Nothing you need to know about" and tries to hold back her tears.

History: Her mother and father were once Duskclan cats, but they both had hunger for power and thought the Warrior Code was ridiculous and so went to become the leader and deputy of a rogue's group. She was raised in a very vicious area and became a bit vicious too. She fell in love with a rogue once, but had to put her past behind her at the time when she battled with innocent cats and ran away.

Approval Status: This is no place for a Girl on Fire 00:58, September 2, 2015 (UTC)

RPer: Fwuffy

Name: Dawnmist

Rank: Warrior

Description: Dawnmist is a small, soft, and fluffy, Ginger, silver, and white tabby she-cat with dark azure eyes that get gradually darker as they get to the outside of the eye.

Personality: Dawnmist is very stupid when she is meeting new cats, even more so on her own. When she is adjusted to the group of cats she is with, she I outspoken, and sometimes considered a "know it all." She is hard-to anger, and forgives easily, even though she pretends to be angry, she always forgets and remembers that she is 'angry' to late. Dawnmist loves to get things wrong, and feels that she is good enough if she messes up to many times. Whenever she gets in trouble she beats herself up about how she should have done better. She is supportive and very protective of her friends, because of the dumb part of her personalty, she fells left out and unwanted if one of her friends makes a new friend, even though in one part of her mind, she is very aware of how this is not the case. Dawnmist is very good with kits and apprentices, and makes friends easily, even though she will not really admit it. She has a strong belief that DawnClan is watching every cat, but she believes that if they have any power, they refuse to use it.

Hystory: Dawnmist was born and raised in DuskClan she had littermate, Saltkit, who died at birth and a brother, Sunbark, and a sister, Golden from an older litter. Her mother, Blackfern, became very sick just after she was born, and died just before her apprenticeship. Dawnmist (Dawnpaw then) was convinced that DawnClan had no power, and they exsist, but they either can't, or won't, do anything to help the clans, making DawnClan useless. Her sister was driven half insane by Blackfurn's death and left the clan, and her brother couldn't bare to be around the rest of his family, feeling like a failure to them now, so he left the clan as well. Her father, Sunray, devoted all of his time to his daughter until he fell in love again and got a new mate, Violetheart, and had a kit with her, Jewelflight. (I just made her family, for her history, they are not really characters).

Approval status: :) This is no place for a Girl on Fire 22:12, September 3, 2015 (UTC) Cindersky

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