Name: Embernose

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Embernose is a handsome, short-furred russet tom with rings of darker russet on his tail and legs. He has blazing amber eyes, a bobbed tail, and three scars on his muzzle.

Personality: He is a quiet, reserved young cat. His appearance draws more attention to him than he'd like, and he gets very easily flustered. He's very intelligent and polite, and wouldn't dare talk back to any cat. He's rather awkward around kits, thinking that he'll say something wrong and they'll get upset. He tends to panic whenever someone mentions fathers, due to being abused by his own father in the past. He is also nervous around other toms. He isn't the best conversationalist, and only speaks when spoken to. He respects every cat in the Clan, even the kits and apprentices.

Family: Foxstep (NPC), a deceased russet she-cat, is his mother. His father is a white-and-brown tom named Spottedfur (NPC).

History: Emberkit was born to a russet she-cat, Foxstep, and a white-and-brown tom, Spottedfur. Foxstep died during the birth, along with Emberkit's unnamed older sibling. Spottedfur didn't blame the kit for the death of his mate, but he was still enraged at the medicine cat for not saving Foxstep. Since he knew he couldn't hurt the medicine cat, Spottedfur ended up neglecting and abusing his only son, despite how much Emberkit reminded him of Foxstep. The other cats noticed the abuse, but none stood up to Spottedfur. Just before Emberkit's apprentice ceremony, Spottedfur furiously lashed out at his son, giving Emberkit the three scars on his face. Before he could deal any more damage, Spottedfur was restrained and exiled. The apprentice ceremony commenced afterward, earning Emberkit the name Emberpaw. He was still badly shaken up, and his training was delayed. He became a warrior a few weeks after the other cats his age. Embernose couldn't rid himself of his fear as he had hoped.

Extras: None

Roleplayed by: Vee

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